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Season Ticket Clubs

Producer's Club

Members of the Producer’s Club are those patrons of The Lofte that have been season ticket holders for 10 years or more and/or have donated $1,000 in the prior calendar year. Membership to the Producer’s club can be achieved at any point in the calendar year with the monetary donation. Members of the Producer’s Club receive first access to Early Bird Season tickets every October. These individuals will be contacted first to choose their seats and purchase season tickets for the upcoming season. 

Director's Club

The Director’s Club includes all current season ticket holders at The Lofte. Members of the Director’s Club receive early access to Early Bird Season tickets every November. These individuals will have access to select their season ticket seats for the upcoming season before they are available to the public. Members will be contacted with instructions on how to purchase their season tickets.

Please contact the Lofte Box Office if you have more questions about becoming a club member! 

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