Mission Statement
The Lofte Community Theatre is dedicated to providing opportunities to participate in the creative process of live theatre and to enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.
Board Photo Color.png
Left to right (Standing)- Connor Willingham; Windy Allen; Patricia Heather; Samantha Colvarro; Jeff Johnston; Janice Fisher; Lynn Fisher; Melissa Holder; Melinda Mead; Ken Patry
Left to right (Sitting)- Natalie McGovern; Jean Colbert; Anne Riha
Not imaged- April Cover
Board of Directors
Patricia Heather (President) - Waverly, NE
Melissa Holder (Vice President) - Omaha, NE
Ken Patry (Treasurer) - Plattsmouth, NE
Samantha Colvarro (Secretary) - Omaha, NE

Wendy Allen - Plattsmouth, NE
Jean Colbert - Weeping Water, NE
April Cover - Weeping Water, NE
Janice and Lynn Fisher - Denton, NE
Jeff Johnston - Elmwood, NE
Natalie McGovern - Omaha, NE
Melinda Mead - Plattsmouth, NE
Anne Riha - Louisville, NE
Connor Willingham - Omaha, NE
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