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The Lofte Community Theatre continues to be the third in longevity of Nebraska community theatres, following the Lincoln and Omaha Community Playhouses. The Lofte thrives on monetary donations to keep our doors open and our audiences laughing.  We recognize that there are many qualified non-profit organizations that fully deserve your attention and we are flattered that you have honored us with your gift.
Though there are various ways to donate to the Lofte, such as through mail, over the phone, or even online, if your gift is for someone special in your life who has passed, please make sure to include their name. The Lofte acknowledges all memorial donations in our show programs. 
To donate, call 402-234-2553 or mail checks to:
Lofte Community Theatre
P.O Box 62
Manley, NE 68403
Your gift will offset expenses, keep ticket prices affordable, and help us to expand our show selection. We wish to assure you that your donation to The Lofte will be well managed, wisely spent, and most of all greatly appreciated!
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