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Join Club 50!

The goal of Club 50 is to raise enough money to pay off 50% of our mortgage by our 50th season so that we can continue to fulfill our mission of Bringing the Arts to Rural Nebraska. To reach this goal we are asking our patrons who join Club 50 to donate $50 per month until the end of our 50th season in 2026, or as long as you are able! Our goal is to have at least 390 Club 50 members - one for each of the seats in our house.

Current Club Member Count

To join Club 50 click the button below or call the box office at 402-234-2553

Club 50 members are eligible for benefits so the more or longer you donate, the more benefits you receive!

All Club 50 members receive free popcorn, non-alcoholic beverages and an exclusive FREE item at our concession stand at every show. (Exclusive items are only offered for a limited time.) Members will also be recognized in our pre-show slideshow, lobby slideshow and the programs of our regular season shows. Here are the other benefits that you can qualify for by joining Club 50. 


Here are the other benefits that you can qualify for by joining Club 50

1 Year or $600 Donor- "Complete the Seats" level

Have your name engraved on a plaque and added to one of the seats in our house!

2 Years or $1,200 Donor - "Save my Spot" level

Members will be able to request that 2 seats be reserved for them for any regular season show. Just contact the box office at least 24 hours before hand at 402-234-2553 so that we can save your seats! (Subject to availability)

3 Years or $1,800 Donor - "Good Friends and Good Times" level

Get a "Bring a friend" bundle for free - 2 free tickets, and concession vouchers for 2 popcorns and 2 non-alcoholic drinks to bring 2 friends with you to the show! 

The Lofte will also send you a special message on a day that is important to you such as a birthday, anniversary, or any day that you feel is a special day to celebrate. (Day must be predetermined ahead of time)

4 Years or $2,400 Donor - "Drinks are on the house!" level

Free beer, wine, or sodas that will only be available to Club 50 Members

5 Years or $3,000 Donor - "You're the Top!" level

Members will receive 2 free tickets to our 50th season Gala (more information about that coming soon!)

Did you miss starting your donation in 2022 to reach $3,000 by our Gala?

No problem! We have a special rate just for you. If you want to earn free tickets to our 50th anniversary gala (as well as all of the other perks leading up to it) but are starting your donation in 2024, sign up to donate $83.50 a month instead of $50!

Click the Join Club 50 Button on this page to start your donations now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Club 50


What does 1 year or $600 mean?

Once you have been a Club 50 member for 1 year, at $50 a month, you will have donated $600 a year. Same for 2 years or $1,200, and so on. Members who join in 2022 and donate $50 a year for 5 years will donate enough money to reach level 5 by the time our 50th season rolls around and will get 2 free tickets to the 50th anniversary gala.

If you didn't sign up in 2022, but still want to donate enough for the free tickets to the 50th anniversary gala, in 2023 select  the option to donate $62.50 a month instead. You'll still earn rewards as you reach the dollar amounts listed above.

Can I join any time?

Yes! But the sooner the better so that you can be entitled to all of the great benefits listed above (plus free popcorn!)

Can I donate annually, or in one lump sum rather than monthly?

Yes! Our box office staff would be happy to help you, if you would like to join Club 50 but not make monthly payments. Please call them at 402-234-2553 for more information and assistance. Please note that you must make a donation every year to qualify for ongoing benefits. If you made a lump sum donation of $3,000 in 2022, you do not have to donate annually to keep your benefits.

I'd like to make a donation, but don't want to join Club 50, what should I do?

Please visit our regular donate page where you can donate any amount for any amount of time, be it a one-time donation, or recurring. Thank you for your generosity!

I have another question that isn't answered here.

We would be happy to help! Please call the box office at 402-234-2553. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to welcoming you to Club 50!

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