Welcome Back to the Lofte!

As Nebraska reopens its economy, we recognize our role as a theatre to bring hope, relief and joy. We will continue to consult with county health officials to promote the safety of our patrons, staff, and volunteers. Here is what you can expect for your upcoming Lofte experience.

Before You Come to The Lofte

1. Assess your health.

 If your temperature is higher than 100.4° F or you have any of these symptoms you should stay home. 

*A fever in the last 24 hours  

*Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

*A persistent dry cough

*A new loss of taste or smell

*Sore throat

*Chills lasting longer than 2 hours

* Headache

* Muscle pain

*Congestion and/or runny nose

*Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

2. Pack your face covering.

During your visit we are asking you to wear a face covering at all times.


When You Arrive at the Theatre

1. Face Cover/Mask.  

At this point we recommend putting on your face covering.  Anyone refusing to wear a face cover while inside the theatre will be asked to leave.

2. Enter the Theatre

Please maintain distance from others.

3. Ticket Check and Seating

Seating will be first come, first served and our doors will open 1 hour prior to the start of the show.  (6:00PM Thursday-Saturday and 1:00PM on Sunday) Our ushers will help guide you to rows and seats that are available.  Families may sit together up to eight people. To reduce congestion in the lobby you will be asked to choose your seats first and then use the restroom or go to the concession stand.


During Your Visit

1. Keeping your distance.

Please maintain distance from those not in your party.

2. Follow the routes.

When moving around the theatre before the show and during intermission, please follow the clearly marked one-way routes to help maintain safe distancing. We've installed easy to follow signage to assist you.

3. Wear your face covering.

While in the theatre, you must wear a face covering throughout your visit. You may remove it while eating and drinking but you must be in your seat.  You will be required to wear it again when you are finished.

4. Wash/sanitize your hands.

Please wash your hands after using the restroom and sanitize your hands regularly using the products provided.

5. Enhanced cleaning.

Rest assured, as always, the theatre is cleaned on a continual basis. Common contact surfaces and toilet facilities will be regularly sanitized.

6. We are here to help.

Our staff will be on hand during your visit to provide guidance around the theatre. If you have any questions or feedback on your experience, don't hesitate to talk to one of them.


When You are Leaving

1. Follow directions.

At the end of the performance, you will be asked to exit via specific doors. You may use the restrooms but please do not congregate in the lobby and always maintain social distance. 

PATIENCE/RESPECT APPRECIATED--Last, but not least, please be patient and respectful of our Lofte volunteers and personnel as we all make our way through this together. 



The Lofte Community Theatre